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Measuring Training Effectiveness

Program Objective

Effectiveness of Training Interventions from TNA to ROI


Are you facing a challenge to prove training ROI?

Consider performing training need assessment (TNA) first


Organizations are considering training intervention programs as an integral part of employee development and employee engagement process. A full-proof training need assessment (TNA) process is important to get the desired results. Training Need Assessment is a critical activity for the training and development function. Designing a training program involves a sequence of steps to be dealt as a priority.


Long before the training occurs, training managers must determine who, what, when, where, why and how of training.


The program is designed to introduce the TNA process, understand the aspects and scientific approaches of TNA. It will also cover the importance of evaluating, prioritizing, designing and delivering effective training programs and most important you ROI on training  

Designed For

Learning & Development professionals who want to roll out effective training programs for their employee while measuring the ROI of each program.

  • Enhance understanding about essentials of TNA

  • Learn to use different approaches to conduct TNA

  • Understand the impact of non-precise TNA

  • Imbibe concept of ‘KASH’ and ‘TWAR’

  • Learn ‘How to customize TNA for your organization’?

  • Map TNA to ROI process

  • Understand the concept of Working and Thinking Level

  • Learn about TNA balancing tools and techniques

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