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A workshop designed for ambitious women

Program Outline

Ashtabhuja is a highly interactive workshop designed for women to fearlessly strive for their dreams while managing their responsibilities. 

The program covers the viewpoint of various stakeholders in a woman's life - she herself, boss, colleagues, her spouse, child, in-laws, friends, parents. Each role has certain expectations and the woman is expected to manage all these different expectations, while only having 24 hours every day in hand. 


The is designed with engaging activities, role plays to see how to prioritize, allocate time, push back on unrealistic expectations and reassure stakeholders and supporters, and still keep time for own health, learning and development.

Every single participant is engaged in these activities and they experience an increased energy and clarity. 

This Women's Day organise Ashtabhuja program for your women employees.

Program duration: 2-3 hours 
Location: In-house program
Batch size: maximum 40-50nos. 
Call: 9822863037

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