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Measuring training effectiveness is no more a black art!

Training and development have become an integral and most important function that significantly contributes towards the attainment of business goals. The well-executed training programs are impactful only when the learning are applied in the workplace thus, measuring training effectiveness and ROI play a vital role.

Training Interventions from TNA to ROI

Are you facing a challenge to prove training ROI?
Consider performing training need assessment (TNA) first

HR managers by focusing on implementing the strategy will facilitate discussion about how to communicate the firm’s goals throughout the organization. When strategic goals are not developed with an eye towards the implementation detail, they tend to be too generic and abstract. These vague goals will tend to confuse employees and they would not know how exactly to implement the strategies.

Succession planning is a gradual process of managing talent to minimize gaps in leadership and getting the best-fit talent for possible future roles. Organizations that put deliberate efforts in developing the succession of talent can save on cost while bringing an acceptable atmosphere ensuring leadership continuity and building talent from within.

In today’s competitive world, compensation and benefits give organizations a competitive edge. Strategically crafted compensation and benefits focus on maintaining employees motivation at the same time in line with business objectives.

Performance appraisal is a sensitive process that requires being carried out in a healthy manner to arrive at positive results in terms of organizational goal achievement and to boost and motivate employee morale and future performance.

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