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HR Scorecard 


Program Objective

The human resources function has traditionally been seen as overhead a cost center rather than a valuecreatingfunction. However, human resources canbecome a valuable strategic partner that helps the companyachieve its goals. The key is to identify and measurethe HR “deliverables” that support corporate strategyand the HR systems that create those deliverables.

HR managers by focusing on implementation of strategy will facilitate discussion about how to communicate the firm’s goals throughout the organization. When strategic goals are not developed with an eye towards the implementation detail, they tend to be too generic and abstract. These vague goals will tend to confuse employees and they would not know how exactly to implement the strategies.

  • It reinforces the distinction between HR do-ables and deliverables

  • It enables strategic functions through value creation

  • It measures leading indicators

  • It assesses HR’s contribution to strategy implementation

  • It lets HR professionals effectively manage their strategic responsibilities

  • It  emphasis on the feedback loops helps fight against measurement systems getting too standardized

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