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Leadership & Entrepreneurial Thinking Program

Doer not a Dreamer

Program Objective

Business “innovation” and “creativity” are frequently used terms that go beyond conventional thinking. Future leaders with entrepreneurial mindset are the driving force behind the economy and success of an organization. They define their business, run HR practices, build their products and / or compete in the marketplace. These innovators and inspiring leaders whether they are corporate “intrapreneurial” or entrepreneurial start-ups are highly valued in today’s market.   The program is designed with experiential interactions to introduce participants to the main concepts of entrepreneurship and leading their businesses. It will explore their crucial importance to individuals, organizations, and the various business processes. This program prepares participants to contribute in a unique and productive way to today’s entrepreneurial and Transformational Leadership demands.

Designed For

The program is designed will enhance confidence and business acumen along with people management skills in the aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs.


Participants will learn various tools to promote entrepreneurial thinking within themselves and others, increase innovation and contribute to a creative team and establish a culture of Business Acumen within an organization.  

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