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Program Objective

Be a negotiator and not bargainers. Every one of us had been a part of the negotiation. Have you ever wondered why you won or lost to a deal?


Well professionally we all negotiate, whether it is to get the best resource for your team, get the best candidate within budget or signing up an important agreement for your company. Getting the negotiation tactics work for you and close a deal in a win-win situation is what makes one a great negotiator.


The program gives insights on the best practices of negotiations, dealing with people and situations. The program takes participants through a series of group games and exercises to improve one’s ability to negotiator and gain an edge over winning a deal.

Designed For

Professionals who find themselves in negotiations situations on their job and want to be an effective negotiator.


Participants will gain insights with the proven tactics shared during the program by being confident while negotiating while maintaining healthy relationships with parties at the table to produce win-win outcomes

Negotiation Skills

It takes both sides to make a bridge.

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