Design Thinking Program

Work towards a solution-based approach to solving a problem.

Design Thinking program developed for a leading engineering company with an objective to imbibe creative and solution-based approach in the DNA of the employees. The program fetched great response and on job implementation of learning

Client Segment: Engineering


The client company works on various competencies identified for their businesses and one of the key competencies is Innovation and Creativity. To be in the business and on top-of-the-mind of their customers one needs to deliver a true solution-based creative value.

To imbibe creativity and solution-based approach in the DNA of the employees, Blink Strategic Solutions designed a Design Thinking intervention across different groups of the company.


  • To understand and implement innovative solution-based methods in the day-to-day working of the business.

  • To understand, define and re-frame problems based on the emotional needs of customers

Program Parameters

Performance measurement as per Kirkpatrick’s evaluation theory.

A “before and after” assessment designed for the day of the training to measure the learning of the participants.

Four areas where behavior of participants measured about a month after the workshop

Empathy: Participants to display a marked improvement in interactions with internal and external clients due to increased understanding and empathy

Customer Orientation: Participants were more observant and customers focused in their dealings

Problem Solving: Participants were use at least one creative method of problem

Creativity: Participants displayed a marked increase in creative approach to any workplace situation


The program was extremely well received as the participants are practicing and implementing the learning they got from an extensive two-day Design Thinking program. Moving along the way Blink Strategic Solutions have provided a true value to the client company and is the client's preferred consultative learning partner.

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