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Growth Intervention: When teams Collaborate

Customer centricity
Growth Intervention: When teams collaborates

Scenario: Problem Situation

Have you ever wondered why sales and service teams are mostly in tiff?

Well, in simple language it’s the key performing indicators widely known as KPIs that makes this difference so evident. Where the sales team is loaded with monthly targets to attain that business numbers, they in turn sometimes over sell or over commit for the sales to happen.

The main problem arises when the service team comes into the picture. It is the service team who generally interact with the customers post sales.

Now here’s the catch! Service team who manages the whole show is juggles between the raised customers’ expectations and the actual service they could provide.

This increases the conflicts between the two core teams Sales and Service and it gets difficult for both the teams to communicate.

Result, unmatched customer expectations, decreased satisfaction, on-going conflict and overall a tensed working environment.

Industry: Engineering

Stakeholders: Sales and Service Teams

Intervention Objective

  • The Growth intervention was designed to align sales and service team in line to the business goals

  • To provide solutions and sales pitch keeping customer centricity as the core


Using experiential learning and facilitation tools the intervention aimed at bringing long term change in the team’s approach. The entire intervention was spread over six month Pan India wherein Sales and Service teams were brought together.

The Growth Intervention Phases

Customized modules were designed understanding the need from the HR, HODs, Sales and Service team through a pre-training call with the stakeholders.

Action plans were made at each level and reviewed at each next level to understand the implication of the learning.

Growth Intervention Modules

Voice of Customer: Broad Program Outline

  • Work Life Balance

  • Prioritization

  • Being Proactive

  • Being Solution Oriented

  • Conflict Management

Sales Excellence: Broad Program Outline

  • Sales Process

  • Exploring the Market

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Closing Skills

  • Key Account Management

  • Selling by Stages

  • Solution Selling

  • Sales Tools - Strategy

  • SWOT, Blue Ocean Strategy

Service Excellence: Broad Program Outline

  • Service Excellence

  • Service Selling

  • Building Self Confidence

  • Dealing with difficult situations

  • Dealing with difficult behavior

  • Winning Trust


A team that collaborates well is likely to attain their business goals much easily than a team with conflicts. The intervention helped both the teams come together understand each other’s view point thus building a stronger connect and a seamless working integration.

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